5 Reasons why it’s the best time to start an Electric Rickshaw Business

09 Nov

5 Reasons why it’s the best time to start an Electric Rickshaw Business

Since last few years, Indian transportation system, especially public ones, have witnessed a refreshing change. Not only has it increased in expanse but has also not shied away from trying new technologies and business models. We have seen the emergence of new cab and taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber. Some like Jugnoo have combined ride with dine and grocery with delivery. But very few like Power Electric Vehicle and Indiamart have jumped in the business of dealerships – not of fossil fuel run vehicles but of electric rickshaws.

We will look into 5 reasons to convince you that why it is the most opportune time to jump in business of E-Rickshaw.

  • Pollution: It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in, you are bound to be affected by this. By chance you happen to be in India especially Delhi and adjoining states, you will probably choke yourself. Such is the pollution level here. Time and again, many agencies like WHO have warned us about some cities in India being the most polluted. In such troubled times, nothing is more seductive to ears than the thought of starting or aiding a pollution free means of transportation.
  • Cost – effective: While some modes of transportation has become more costly in terms of money some have become costlier in terms of impact. Electric Rickshaw or battery powered rickshaw is bereft of that. They can easily be afforded by a middle class man. The recycling of battery is a big help as well.
  • Frugal and easy Maintenance: Since there’s no engine, gearbox maintenance comes cheap. All that one needs to do is charge the battery and this charging comes rather cheaply.
  • Cheap fare and expense on buying the vehicle: Compare the fare of electric rickshaw with that of motor rickshaw. While the former charges about ₹10 per 2-5km, the latter charges almost ₹25 for 2 km and additional ₹8 per km. The choice is yours.

It also costs less to buy an electric rickshaw than a motor rickshaw. So, it becomes relatively easy to recover costs and break-even.

  • Dealership perks: Electric rickshaw manufacturing and dealership companies are growing at a rapid rate thanks to the demand of the demand for this vehicle, government encouragement through loans at lesser interest rate and interest among small entrepreneurs to buy battery powered electric rickshaw.

Wait no more. Grab this opportunity. This is the time to redeem your successful business ambitions. On an endnote, to help the cause of combating climate change, Power Electric Vehicle invites all stakeholders in the Electric rickshaw business to try out our products and be our partners in being the harbinger of clean energy revolution in e-rickshaw business.

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