I-cat approved electric rickshaw in Uttar Pradesh

10 Oct
E Rickshaw

I-cat approved electric rickshaw in Uttar Pradesh

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The future Prospect of Electric Rickshaw

Most industry experts feel that there are still many infrastructural challenges in the industry at present. The challenges are greater in the states which are still not ready to be implemented the transition. These are related to processes like policies, certification, licensing, and training. Another problem is in terms of the infrastructure. The E-Rickshaws must be charged. However the number of the electric recharge stations is far too low. So steps need to be worked out for rapidly increasing the same. The Government of India is already working on the surge of power surge plans for electric vehicles.

To boost the sector, the central government will also liberalize the process of issuance of permits to electric vehicles. With the aim of boosting the sector, the Government also launched the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP).

Benefits of Electronic Vehicle:

With the growing concerns of environmental issues, it is but essential for the scope alternative fuel sources to grow. Thus the scope of the electric vehicles and E-rickshaws is very bright in future. Though there are many challenges at present but the initiative of the government these are likely to be overcome soon. So a business in the sector has great potential.

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